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If you contact the State Inspectorate for Road Transport control - ISCTR, must comply with the Law no. 544/2001 with subsequent amendments - on free access to information of public interest, according to Article 6:

"(3) A written request for public information shall include:
a) the public authority or institution which the request is addressed to;
b) the information requested so as to enable the public authority or institution to identify the information of public interest;
c) name, first name and signature of the applicant and the address to which the receipt of the answer is requested. "

and provisions R.G.O. (n.t. Republished Government Ordinance) no. 27/2002 with subsequent amendments regulating the resolution of petitions approved by Law no. 233/2002, according to Article 7:

"Anonymous petitions or those without identification data of the petitioner are not taken into account and is graded according to this ordinance."


Program: Monday-Friday, hours 8:00-16:00

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