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State Inspectorate for Road Transport Control – ISCTR is the permanent technically specialized body under the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communications providing inspection at national level and the monitoring of the compliance of the national and international regulations in road transport, mainly:

  • the conditions of carrying out of the road transport activities, of the related activities of the road transport and the training of the persons to obtain a driving license;
  • road safety and environmental protection;
  • technical condition of road vehicles;
  • masses and / or maximum sizes allowed on public roads and maximum authorized total mass;
  • rate of use and rate of passage on the national roads network in Romania.

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Management Board

Composition of the Management Board of the institution

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Componența Consiliului de Conducere

Territorial Inspectorate

ISCTR territorial Inspectorate map

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Inspectorate teritoriale

REGULATION (EU) No 181/2011

Bus and coach

Passenger Rights

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