ISCTR activity report for 4th quarter 2018

Published on: 6 May 2019

Following inspection and control activities carried out by inspectors within the State Inspectorate for Road Transport Control in the IVth quarter of 2018 were checked in roadside 40550 road vehicles /vehicle combinations, out of which 35140 owned by the transport operators /transport undertakings in Romania and 5410 owned by foreign carriers. On this occasion 7120 infringements finding reports have been drawn up in traffic; 6531 for Romanian transport operators / transport undertakings and 589 for foreign transport operators.  

Also, there were performed 3552 checks at the headquarters of the carriers, 1107 on road transport undertakings, 396 checks at the operators performing activities related to road transport (bus station activities), 1580 checks at the driving schools and 88 checks at the premises of undertakings which perform activities related to road transport (intermediation activities) and 344 checks at the premises of suppliers of goods divisible. Following these checks there were drawn up a total of 1126 infringements finding reports.

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